March 26, 2013

My first Blog Award!!!

Hurray!!! I have received my first blog award .Thank you Archana for this encouragement. 


- thank  the person who gave you the award

- put a link of her/his blog in your blog

- put in your blog the logo of the award

- give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members

- put links to this blog

- inform these people that they received the award

- write 7 thing (facts) about yourself 

I have to pass this award to 7 bloggers. Visit their blogs since they also have good crafts to share.:

1) Rose

5) Pily

6) Monica

7) Komala

Now, 7 facts about me:

1)  I love various forms of art and crafts. 

2)  Patience is something I have in abundance.

3) I hate chauvinists.

4) My friends appreciate me for my sense of humour.

5) I love food, travelling and music.

6) I love sea food.

7) I enjoy long drives.


  1. Thanks Devika!:)
    This award will encourage me to explore paper quilling.
    I have written a post and forwarded this award to 7 bloggers in my blog post

  2. Replies
    1. well deserved!!! keep up the gud work!!

    2. In reply. )))))))))))

    3. thank u natalia for the lovely tulips!!!..

  3. Thanks for tagging me Devika.. so happie to follow you :)

  4. very nice art work