April 24, 2013

Quilled Card- ICRC28 challenge.

Being a member at ICR is fun..,talented people across the globe sharing their work. I came across this post and decided to make a card as per the rules mentioned .This is my first ever entry in any online challenge. I hope you like it.
         Read the story board: ICRC28 and look at the amazing creations from the Design Team! 

Here are the pictures of the card I made. A very simple one with a little quilling, speech bubble and a witty sentiment . I had these 3-D liners in silver and gold which I never used. It gave a special look to the card.

Googly eyes for the rock.

3-D liners for borders, birds, sunrays.

Quilled gift envelopes

I came across this packet of envelopes in a stationary shop. Just bought them so that I could quill something on it and keep them with me . These look beautiful than the regular gift envelopes that we get in the market. so, just thought of giving it a try...

All in 1..


Next two.

Last one...

April 15, 2013

Gift Box with a little quilling

Our first order was appreciated by all at the engagement ceremony and guess what? We received our second order there but they wanted something different. So, this was what we made. We used quilling and different papers to create this. Hope you like it.

Quilled ducks in the pond

The box covered in golden paper.

April 6, 2013

2nd blog Award

I received these lovely tulips from Natalia. Thank you dear for this appreciation. Do check her blog since she has beautiful work to share.