March 20, 2014

Quilled Birds

I had mentioned about these quilled birds in my last post. I fell in love with these cuties when I saw the pictures and the video here. This you tube video made it a lot easier. I have not yet decided how I would put these to use.  I can make a mobile or may be.. frame it .  

        I was in such a hurry to try making one of these  that I literally used a torn grocery plastic bag  ,a small piece of thermocol sheet as the base and drew  the sketch as quickly as I could. Look at the last picture  ( very untidy). I was really excited when the first one was done and made 3 more. 

       My husband loved them too!

1st attempt

Work in Progress

Quilled Jewellery

Hello...Its been long since I posted on my blog... I was busy with guests and a cousins wedding. These quilled earrings were already done but I just could not post .I have also quilled some  birds with the help of a you tube video along with a gem tree , pictures of which I will post soon. I hope you like these little pieces of jewellery.