January 18, 2013

Best out of waste!!!


I had few boxes filled with goodies that I received during Diwali .This is how I used one of them to create something Indian..very Indian..This particular box had a beautiful laced border . Could'nt throw it away. So, just came up with an idea which everybody appreciated. 
I did not spend a single penny on this. No extra efforts put in, just a pair of scissors ,some creativity and the magic is done.

Cut a square shape in the centre of the lid so that it looked like a frame. 

A metal  ornament my mom bought for me from Madhya Pradesh (Central India).

Just rested the cardboard frame on the nail...

This elegant piece now decorates a wall in my house .

January 11, 2013

Origami Mobile

I' m posting after a long time.Was busy with guests, ceremonies, festivals...Have few projects half completed.This origami mobile was one of them. Had coloured small sized square papers at home. So, made these cranes to hang in my terrace. It required  a hanger, some thread, needle,glue and of course few origami cranes that I learned from a you tube video.

I used a hanger that was lying unused at home .You can cover it with fabric, paper , jute rope or even paint it as per your choice.


A closer view..