August 31, 2012

3d quilling

Finally, I searched on the internet for an arts and craft material store and was happy to find one close to my residence. Saved the time that I spent cutting paper strips. This was what I made after buying new quilling material from the store. Hope you like it!!!  

3-D Quilling


Finger Puppets

Cute Little Boy..



Toothpick Dolls

I came across these toothpick dolls on a website with easy instructions .  I had fun making them. 

August 29, 2012

3d quilling

My next challenge was to try something difficult. 3-D quilling was something I decided to go for. I made the lady with a hat but my niece suggested I should quill something specially for her . Her choice was Noddy. It sounded difficult but with a reference picture I started off. Cutting strips was again tiresome but I loved my cute little Noddy , the lovely lady n the garden. I also tried making Doraemon on my nephews request and just loved it.

3-D Quilling



Lady in the garden

Make way for NODDY!

quilled cards, paper roses

When I browsed the internet I came across husking patterns, quilled roses and thought of giving it a try; simple ones in the beginning. 

Husking Technique

Quilled Roses

quilled monkey on the tree...

I had made this after completing my underwater scene and I got hooked up to quilling. I had a hard time cutting strips from sheet of paper since I did not find quilling strips in stores here ,but the efforts never got wasted..

Monkey on the tree


quilled underwater scene..

After my first attempt at quilling and after going through few projects on the internet, I decided to try something new and loved the results..


Quilled jellyfish and fishes

Paper Quilling

 Paper Quilling caught my attention and I got addicted to this craft . These are my first creations. There's a lot of scope for improvement though.

Happy Birthday!

Cute Birdie