February 26, 2015

Decorative gift boxes

Hello all. So sorry for not posting for long. I have issues with my P.C /Laptop and the internet connection. Hope this gets solved ASAP.

      We received an order for 100 decorative gift boxes/packing for a wedding ceremony.These packets having rice, betelnut and haldi/kumkum  are given to married women as a ritual along with the return gifts.

       We have made cones, small purses and basic chocolate/toffee shapes using cardsheet paper, ribbons, coloured gems/stones , coloured tape and fine plastic bags for that extra glossy look. We thought of something and ended up making something  else. It was fun but in the process spoiled a few paper sheets and plastic bags! Well, trial and error is what gives you the required experience. 

And the good news...this was loved by the guests..and another order was confirmed..!

Cute little purses

Basic chocolate pattern

October 13, 2014

Engagement Ring Tray..with Quilling

In my previous post I mentioned about an order for an engagement ring tray. Since both the bride and groom had an hotel industry background, we thought of making a restaurant theme ring tray with miniature quilling. We bought a bamboo tray  and decorated it with ribbons, beads, pearls . 
                Also, quilled miniature stuff was stuck on tables made from cardboard.  My friend made fruits, pasta, ice-cream, french fries and little quilled roses. It was a fun experience.

Ring Tray

Table No-1

Table No-2

Centre Table

Miniature Quilling

We received an order for an engagement ring tray. I was super excited  and made some of these miniatures for the same. Hope it doesn't make you hungry....:)

             I will share the pictures of the engagement ring tray in my next post.

Yum Yum!!

The classic combo!

How about some wine???


October 12, 2014

Wedding return gifts...

We received an order of making 100 bags ( bags containing haldi-kumkum, rice, betel nut )  for a wedding ceremony . An offering of this bag and a gift was made  to all married women attending the ceremony. It is a ritual performed to signify her marital status. 
          We came up with an idea of making dolls using thin plastic bags and filling rice for the body and betel nut for the head. These sections were tied using rubber bands and were covered later with some ribbons and lace. Other details were completed using fabric colours. We used stickers (bindis) for eyes and lips. Hope you like them.


3D Quilling-Miniature Plants

Hellooo....It's been long since I have posted on my blog. I was busy with some personal issues and was unwell. I kept myselves busy with crafts to ease stress and boost my confidence during this phase. Finally, everything's all well now ...
        I made some very simple miniature plants. One of them was a gift to my friend while the others for an order that we received.  

Simple is beautiful!

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3 little cute roses.