November 7, 2012

Paper Lanterns

"DIWALI"-the festival of lights; is one of the most important festivals of the year and is celebrated in families by performing traditional activities together in their homes. Diwali commemorates the return of Lord Rama, along with Sita and Lakshmana, from his 14-year-long exile and vanquishing the demon-king Ravana. In joyous celebration of the return of their king, the people of Ayodhya, the Capital of Rama, illuminated the kingdom with earthen diyas and by bursting firecrackers.

          I would be celebrating my favourite festival of lights with my family and friends in a few days to come. We would decorate our houses with a variety of lanterns, earthern diyas, rangolis. These lanterns are symbol of light. Diwali itself means Light. 
        Here are the pictorial instructions of the traditional Diwali lanterns, I made:


1) Material required

2) Basic structure made out of chart paper

3) Small squares cut out of Kite Paper

4) Stick the squares diagonally with very little glue

5) Stick these shapes to the basic structure

6) Cover the whole structure..

7) Cut tiny squares of golden paper and decorate the centre of each shape along with a strip to cover the top and the bottom.

8) Stick long strips from the inside of the structure at the bottom

We just need to add the string/ ribbon at the top to hang them.

 We can also use these to decorate (not just on the eve of the festival) little corners in the house with different kinds of papers and colours available.

November 5, 2012

3d Quilling

I made this doll in just 1.5 hours for my sister two days back. She was extremely happy to have her.

Side View

Front view

Nice hairdo!!!

October 31, 2012

Quilled Flowers

I have made a variety of flowers for my next card project.These are the pictures of the same. I learned the technique of making (No-2) flowers here:

1.Fringed Flowers

2.Royal Flowers

3.Multicolour Flowers

October 12, 2012

Quilled Cards

Loved making these cards. Sometimes you end up having cards at home but are not able to give them to your friends & relatives because of the  pre-written messages on them. So,I  did not write any messages on these. This stock of cards becomes extremely convenient when friends, guests arrive without any notice on their special occasions. You can just scribble the appropriate wish and give it to them.
Greeting Cards

For the one you LOVE or may be for a wedding Anniversary!

Hearty Affair...

For any occasion

Any Occasion Card

Pop-up inside....

October 5, 2012

Quilled Poodle/ Dog

Just came across this while browsing the internet and fell in love with it. Since I had enough white strips, I gave it a try.

Quilled Poodle

Luv Ya!!!

Quilled Cards

Just made these cards for my friend's birthdays.. Hope you like them.

Greeting Cards

Quilled Frame

This required a lot of patience but I somehow managed to complete it.


September 18, 2012

Yarn/ wool octopus

I came up with an idea of making an octopus from the same technique that I used to make the dolls and I just loved the creation.

Yarn/Wool Octopus

Looks cute. Doesn't he?

Yarn/ Wool Dolls

My mom is a knitting expert and she has a huge variety of yarn at home.She had taught me these dolls when I was in school. I bought some wool from my mom's place when I visited her few days back and made these beautiful dolls. Easy instructions are also available on the internet.

Yarn/ Wool Dolls

Paper Bowl

After making paper beads from an old magazine paper , I tried making this bowl from the same paper. It turned out to be very sturdy n beautiful.

Paper Bowl

Paper Bowl made from an old magazine paper

Fabric Flowers

I love creating beautiful stuff out of left over craft supplies. After my mom stitched a blouse for her beautiful silk saree, I  was left with few pieces of the same. Since I had the floral wire at home, I made these lovely flowers out of them. 

Fabric Flowers


Paper beads bracelet

I used paper from an old magazine to make this bracelet.Got the instructions from a website and made the paper beads.

Here is the link:

Paper Beads Bracelet

Paper Flowers

I made these paper flowers with some left-over kite paper...Had learned making them in school. They are very easy to make and look beautiful. 

Paper Flowers

August 31, 2012

3d quilling

Finally, I searched on the internet for an arts and craft material store and was happy to find one close to my residence. Saved the time that I spent cutting paper strips. This was what I made after buying new quilling material from the store. Hope you like it!!!  

3-D Quilling


Finger Puppets

Cute Little Boy..



Toothpick Dolls

I came across these toothpick dolls on a website with easy instructions .  I had fun making them. 

August 29, 2012

3d quilling

My next challenge was to try something difficult. 3-D quilling was something I decided to go for. I made the lady with a hat but my niece suggested I should quill something specially for her . Her choice was Noddy. It sounded difficult but with a reference picture I started off. Cutting strips was again tiresome but I loved my cute little Noddy , the lovely lady n the garden. I also tried making Doraemon on my nephews request and just loved it.

3-D Quilling



Lady in the garden

Make way for NODDY!

quilled cards, paper roses

When I browsed the internet I came across husking patterns, quilled roses and thought of giving it a try; simple ones in the beginning. 

Husking Technique

Quilled Roses