March 22, 2013

Engagement Gift

After shifting to a new apartment ,I was lucky to find a friend who shared the same passion as mine-crafts. I was super excited to find someone with the same interest and guess what??? She (Gayatri) also belonged to my native place. Now, that was something really special. We decided to accept orders  so that we could earn some money while spending time together creating beautiful stuff.
             Through her contacts we received our first order where the groom wanted to gift his would be bride  a box of sweets on their engagement day. This was our 1st creation together and we are looking forward for more.

The big picture!!!

Flowers made from kite paper and crepe paper

In the making


  1. Beautiful.. Wish u for more orders devika..

  2. Wow..pretty beautiful. I love this.


  3. NIce Creation Devika...ALl the best to get more orders...!!

  4. Hi Devika, this is indeed very beautiful. Love to have you visit my blog and tell me what you think.

    1. thanx Chris...i keep visiting your blog...fantastic work n tutorials!

  5. I love this! and the wedding photo - how adorable you are! (you still are!) I've missed your posting. Hope you're back again soon. And wishing you many many more Happy and Healthy years together!!
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