January 7, 2014

Pineapple Gift Box

Few days back we received an order for a decorative gift box for an engagement ceremony which had to be completed in just 2 days. We thought a lot and were not sure if we would complete it since both of us had guest at home. Since there was not a lot of time in hand, we had to hurry . We bought a plastic jar, ribbons, coloured stones, glue and started with our new creation. Our customer had given us the freedom to do whatever we wanted since she was impressed with our previous assignments. Folding those ribbons was a bit of a task but we were really very happy with the results. Also, our customer and the guests appreciated our efforts  during the ceremony and promised to give us business in the near future.

Pineapple gift box

Close -up

Looks real..

Upside Down

Plastic Jar