June 28, 2013

Quilled Dolls........

I am always excited while trying 3-D stuff. Your imagination is what helps making these cute little things. I made few dolls with different hair and used scraps of paper strips to embellish their dresses. Fixing those little bits of paper was a bit tiresome... but it was fun as well!

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June 25, 2013

Quilled Frame

My friend Gayatri had a piece of cloth (blouse piece as we call it here) which she glued to a cardboard using a masking tape. The cardboard was a waste from the packing of her husbands new shirt. She made the frame and we  quilled motifs randomly and stuck them with white glue as an experiment. It turned out pretty well. We would be using it for display at our exhibition.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pic.

Better light here!

Quilled Photo Frame

I had this very old, plane black photo frame from days in my wall unit and was planning to up-cycle it with some quilling. This being my first one, made a simple design which I loved after putting all the hard work. Will try few more of these so that I can gift my near and dear ones . Hand-made gifts do add a special touch than those bought directly from the market. Hope you like it.

Looks Good. Doesn't it?


Quilled Bookmarks..

Me and my friend Gayatri are planning for an exhibition of quilled  and other crafty stuff at our apartment clubhouse. So, we are in a process of making quilled dolls, cards, bookmarks, kundan rangolis, envelopes etc for the same . We were left with paper strips  after using sheets for some other projects. So, just thought of using these for bookmarks.These are the pics of few bookmarks that I have made. 

Just thought of writing some quotes on the space left .