May 22, 2013

Hand Glove Craft

It's been long since I posted anything on my blog. I was out of town..., at my mom's place. It was a fun trip for a long 10 days. Spent most of my time chatting n relishing MOM-Made stuff. Nothing's better than eating stuff made by your mom. I have one of my sister staying in the same city. So, spent time with her and my cute little nieces.
         One of my nieces bought an old hand- glove and asked me if I could make something out of it so that she could play with it. My mom being a knitting expert had lots of wool in stock. So, just came up with an idea...and made this for my niece; Surily...She just loved it!

Pretty faces. Aren't they?

Ready for the show!!!


  1. so cute, I'm sure she loved it !!!!

  2. so pretty!!

  3. Hi ma'am!

    I saw your comment on my blog and just clicked the link. And then, i had one hour of looking at very awesome work. You Rock!!!


  4. its really cool idea!