December 12, 2013

3 D Quilling in a glass

Hellooooooooo.....It's been long since I posted on my blog. I was busy with Diwali and a wedding of my cousin.

                Few weeks back my friend Gayatri had gone to Crosswords to buy some books where she came across a hawker selling clay and glass items. She bought few of these glasses (like shot glasses) and we had fun discussing ideas so that we could put them to some use. We thought of quilling on the outer surface since we keep trying on different bases. Finally, this is how I made miniatures and stuck them to a cardboard base. This definitely has multiple uses. 
                Hope you like them.

Duckie with a Diwali Diya


At an angle..

Kundans stuck at the rim of the glass
 (coloured stones/gems )

Cute Little Duckling


  1. I tried a similar idea last week Devika..yet to create a blog post of it :). Cute work btw:)

    1. oh! wat a coincidence..! waiting for ur post dear!

  2. wow Devika ! lovely work! thank you for stopping by and leaving a cute comment . your profile echoes my plight too but i am still not brave enough to take decision and pursue my hobby. May be someday......
    keep in touch.

    1. Thank u so much ghazala! Even I was surprised with my decision and believe me..people have started recognising my work. It feels so good!

  3. Wow ! It's wonderful. You are so creative.

  4. I like the way you placed inside the glass! nice!

  5. Wonderful........ Unique idea. Amazing work.